Binance Coin (BNB) – where to buy in 2022?

bnb coins and binance package

Anyone involved in cryptocurrency investing is probably familiar with the Binance platform and its own digital currency BNB (aka Binance Coin).

Since its launch in 2017, this ecosystem as well as cryptocurrency have become very popular.

Today, Binance is considered one of the largest crypto trading platforms in the world, and the BNB has risen hundreds of times in value from its starting price of $0.50. As of middle October 2022, Binance Coin was worth an average of 270 USD.

Fluctuations in quotations are characteristic of all cryptocurrencies. In the case of BNB, general market trends have less impact on the rate, as the demand for the coin is largely due to the success of its “parent” digital exchange Binance.

Since BNB is steadily among the top 4 digital currencies in terms of capitalization, it is not surprising that traders and investors are interested in it. This article considers a question that is relevant to many people: where and how to buy BNB with maximum profit and minimum risk?

Exchanges to buy BNB

Due to the stable demand, it is possible to buy Binance Coin in 2022 on almost every advanced trading platform.

All of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as e-currency exchangers that support BNB transactions, should be considered among the possible purchase options. In addition, this coin can be purchased through cryptocurrency wallets, payment systems and specialized programs.



One of the most logical ways to own Binance Coin is to buy it on the “parent” cryptocurrency exchange.

To buy BNB on Binance, a user will only need to register and verify his or her account. Given that the electronic services of the platform are translated into many languages, there will be no problems with these simple procedures.

After depositing the account, the purchase of BNB can be made by using the quick shopping section. When paying with a bank card, you will first have to confirm your identity using online verification.

The platform works with a variety of financial instruments, including various types of cryptocurrencies.

Users who live in countries with certain restrictions may not be able to perform some operations. In such cases, you should go to Binance P2P platform and make a purchase using the tools of this service.

A large number of Binance users note the following advantages of this platform:

  • simple registration and the possibility of opening a free demo account;
  • affordable minimum initial deposit of $20;
  • 0% commission and no hidden fees;
  • fast processing and execution of requests;
  • online chat and courses, training materials to help you get the most out of your trading experience;
  • security of exchange services, having certificates of FCA, ASIC, CySEC and FSA international supervising organizations.

A great way to buy Binance Coin. The services of this reliable and well-known international CFD broker are used by numerous traders and investors worldwide.

The site offers many types of digital coins available for purchase, the list of which includes the Binance currency required. The advantages of the service include:

  • affordable entry fee for new users, not exceeding $20;
  • quick and easy enough registration on the exchange;
  • a large number of trading instruments and possible ways to deposit assets;
  • no commission for the service operation, which is not charged even for withdrawal operations;
  • a developed system of informational and technical support for clients.

Although trading platform was originally created for trading, this site performs many other operations with crypto. Services of the platform are fully legal, as evidenced by the certificates and licenses issued by the FCA (UK) and CySEC (Cyprus), respected in the financial world supervisory authorities.



Being one of the most famous and popular platforms in the world of finance for buying, selling and storing digital currencies, OKX exchange is the best choice for purchasing BNB for both a novice and experienced investor. The impeccable reputation of this trading platform, which is regularly used by hundreds of thousands of market participants in their activities, is the guarantee of a successful outcome of the transaction.

When choosing OKX for their operations, traders and investors consider that it is hacking-free and provides users with the maximum number of blockchain-based services. Due to the variety of available exchange pairs of digital and fiat currencies, the client can choose the most convenient and profitable transaction option. For example, to buy BNB for USDT, or to exchange another type of digital asset for this cryptocurrency.

Regular users note the following strengths of the OKX platform:

  • intuitive interface of the digital service;
  • the easiest registration procedure for new clients;
  • well-thought-out system of account security and operations performed;
  • the possibility of additional earnings through referral and affiliate programs;
  • stable profitable sale and exchange rates of all major cryptocurrencies;
  • no commission for deposit operations.
  • exchange users have the ability to make transactions to buy BNB, using browser access to the site, the program for the PC as well as convenient Android and iOS applications for smartphones.



Since its launch in 2018, the Bybit crypto platform has quickly become one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms and has gained the trust of traders and investors around the world.

By 2022, the platform was able to occupy one of the leading positions in digital exchange rankings as it offers a large number of altcoin pairs and many advanced trading tools.

After registering and creating a personal account, the user has the opportunity to buy BNB by card or exchange other cryptocurrency assets for this coin. Buying Binance Coin is done in two steps. First, by providing your card details, you need to buy stabelcoins or BTC, and in the second step to exchange the purchased coins to BNB, using the tools of the Bybit spot market .

The reason to choose this platform to buy Binance Coin is its many advantages over competitors:

  • convenient and intuitive service of its own development;
  • the availability of a browser-based version that eliminates conflicts with operating systems;
  • low entry threshold for new users and minimal commissions;
  • stability and reliability of the platform;
  • availability of a special insurance fund of Bybit users;
  • the round-the-clock work of the support service.

The disadvantages of the platform include some inconvenience of two-step purchase of cryptocurrency via USDT, ETH or BTC with their subsequent exchange to BNB.



Founded in 2018, the trading platform is characterized by a variety of innovative products offered to users. The exchange was created by experienced financiers and programmers who previously worked for a number of world-known companies. For example, Google and Facebook. FTX’s robust and intuitive platform is of interest to all types of visitors, from professional traders to novice users or just buyers of digital currencies.

The exchange offers spot trading, futures and equities trading. In addition to Binance Coin, at least 225 kinds of coins, about 450 currency pairs and ten most popular fiat currencies are available for buyers of virtual assets.

What makes FTX different:

  • easy registration. The difficulty of verification depends on the limit and type of transactions;
  • very clear and convenient trading interface of the platform;
  • complete absence or low level of commission for the main types of operations;
  • high security level due to the effective protection against all types of threats;
  • secure transactions using two-factor authentication;
  • availability of a mobile version that allows access from smartphones.

Users should be aware that when depositing digital BNB coins, the deposit must have a special tag that will allow the service to identify the sender of the funds in that currency.

BNB forecast for 2022

At the end of the previous year, Binance Coin proved to be one of the most successful cryptocurrencies in terms of growth rate. Against the backdrop of impressive volatility in other virtual assets, BNB tokens continued to increase in value, and only this year have fallen in price. Market experts predict that by the end of 2022, Binance Coin may lose some more, but next year it will begin to grow rapidly and possibly reach the value of 1200-1300 USD.

This growth will be due to the further increase in popularity of the Binance platform and its attractiveness for long-term investments. Let’s hope that this prediction comes true, and a great future awaits BNB coin!

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