Binance mobile app

Binance logo in the smartphone

The Binance mobile app is a tool for interacting with one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, founded by a Chinese entrepreneur more than four years ago.

Currently, daily trading volumes on the platform reach the $20 billion mark. Cryptocurrency investors choose this exchange because of its extended functionality, intuitive interface and high level of funds protection. All the described advantages the representatives of the exchange Binance managed to transfer to the application.


  1. Functionality overview of  Binance mobile app
  2. Functions for registered users
  3. Functions for unregistered users

Functionality overview of Binance mobile app

You can use the program for mobile devices without registration, but in this case, its functionality will be reduced. Investors can download the application from the official Apple and Android stores absolutely free.

Binance mobile app interface

For a long time, the application Binance for iPhone was offered only on the official website of the project, as representatives of Apple do not support the cryptocurrency economy and “protected” users from interacting with such services. Now the software is distributed through official stores.

Functions for registered users

Unregistered users can also customize the interface of the software or contact the technical support of the exchange. For the other functions, registration is required.

During registration, the Binance app for Android or iPhone will require a valid email address, as well as a cell phone number. If you have a referral code, it is worth indicating it as well.

After the activation of the account, access to the built-in wallet opens, where the user can send the available cryptocurrency for further trading on the exchange. Information about the account status is also available here.

Important! The exchange constantly holds all sorts of promotions and provides discounts for holders of Binance coin (BNB), so it will be appropriate to buy a small amount of these coins. BNB are also suitable for investing, but in this case it is better to keep your funds on your own wallet. You can create and start using an online wallet in minutes at

After registration, the “Trade” section also opens, which is key. Orders to buy or sell cryptocurrency are formed here. Transactions of other users are also visible.

The “Trade” tab contains the history of the user’s orders, which contains information about the deals made in the selected time period.

The notification settings tab is also available for the application users. To open it, press “Currency” and then “Alert”. The function may be needed when an investor is waiting for a certain price for a cryptocurrency and wants to receive a notification on the mobile device about the achievement of a given indicator.

To control their own cryptocurrency savings in the built-in wallet of the exchange, the section “Funds” is used. There you can also withdraw money to another wallet or bank card.

Also available is the “Settings” section. It makes the configuration of the software. It’s also where you can sign out of your account before closing the Binance mobile app.

Functions for unregistered users

The home page of the program is accessible by clicking on the “Home” button. Users can view cryptocurrency quotes, as well as news from developers and administrators. 

In the same section, the data on the coins, which have risen maximally in the last 24 hours, is available; below is the list of cryptocurrencies, whose quotations have seriously “lost” in 24 hours. Indicators are presented in percentage terms relative to Bitcoin.

You can also use the “Market” section without registration, where information about the current quotations of the coins traded on the exchange is available. The most common pair is represented by the stablecoin USDT, which is an analog of the dollar.