• Binance chain

    Binance Chain History and Prospects

    A lot of time has passed since Binance launched its blockchain. During that time, several prominent projects have transferred their tokens to Binance Chain, for which it has been dubbed the “Ethereum killer”. In turn, [...]
  • Binance sub-account scheme

    Sub-accounts on Binance: review

    For its users, Binance cryptocurrency exchange has created such a supporting trading tool as sub-account. Now, traders can have more than one account to deal with using various strategies as well as investors can keep [...]
  • BNB Launchpool

    Earn BNB with Launchpool (farming) on Binance

    Let’s take a look at a relatively new opportunity from Binance – Launchpool. Sometimes in publications, talking about Launchpool or similar products, they use the terms “farming”, “yield farming” – they are synonyms, denoting the [...]
  • Reviews

    The Binance Smart Chain ecosystem

    Binance recently announced a $1 billion support fund. In addition, we have seen projects in the BSC ecosystem do some serious pricing. This number is hundreds of times the market value of many projects in [...]